Autism: Unexpected

Autism became a apart of my family 12 years ago. First, with my middle son. Then, two years later, my youngest son received an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. I had 3 sons under the age of 8 and two were unexpectedly diagnosed with autism.

I will not lie: this was not the family I dreamed about. I could not accept it. I wanted things to be different. I cried for a family lost.

The early years were beyond painful for me as a mother. I was utterly overwhelmed. Self pity consumed every inch of me. Fear plagued my spirit. I truly believed I was at fault for their Autism. I was swallowed by grief. It was clear that my coping skills were taking a terrible turn. I self medicated far too much. I had to choose between selfish suffering or selfless courage if I wanted my sons’ to get the help they needed and be happy.

By the Grace of God, I learned new coping strategies that enabled me to focus more on raising my boys, rather than drowning at the bottom of a bottle.

Today, I live in gratitude. I accept my children for who they are. I stopped grieving what I expected in turn for acceptance for the life I was given. This is a an easier, softer way of living for which I am grateful.

If this is the first time you have visited my blog, I welcome you to an ever evolving candid account of a life unexpected. I speak about Autism, beyond the surface; I speak of Grace and of Hope.

My website also offers the opportunity for others to share experiences of their life unexpected.

Please consider joining this community where you can have the opportunity to share honestly and free of judgement.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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