Real Autism Stories

Ray and “PB&J”

Hi! My name is Ray. I am a proud autism mom.

Autism was something I never thought of before I became a parent. I never even took into account that I could possibly have a special needs child.


My son PB, age 3, and my daughter J, age 2, have both been diagnosed with autism.
Each little one received their diagnosis a little bit after their second birthdays.

And while we all know each child with autism is different, PB&J’s journeys to diagnosis were quite similar.

-Not answering to name
-Speech delay
-Early intervention services
-Speech therapy
-Occupational therapy
-Autism Evaluation
-Diagnosed with autism

Going through the process twice was no walk in the park. I spent many a night crying and filled with anxiety.

But each appointment, each evaluation, made the prospect a little more real that I was going to be a mom to two little ones with autism.

I was going to have to woman up and be the mom they needed me to be.

img_3599So over the span of about two and a half years, I went from crying at the sight of the word autism to blogging about autism acceptance.

I went from dreading milestone checkups, to looking forward to bragging about PB&J’s hard work in therapy.

I saw these two beautiful little beings blossoming, and growing in their own unique way.

I saw how they forged this amazing friendship as brother and sister, no words necessary.

I saw how happy they were being themselves, and I refuse to let the world or a closed mind take that away.

We still have hard days, that at times may seem to blend into weeks. But we also have amazing times, that make me over the moon proud to be their mom. They are super smart, have talents, likes and dislikes, and like to have fun like any other kid. They give the best hugs and their belly laughs can turn any bad day around.

I’ve had met autism moms who express to me that I’m in the “honeymoon” phase of this autism journey. My little ones are, well, still little ones. Compared to other moms who have teenage or adult children with autism, I’ve only been doing this for a little while.

While I have no idea what the future may hold for my PB&J, I do know that I will remain optimistic. My husband and I will be there every step of the way, no matter what. And we will find something to be thankful for every day.



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