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Making Connections In The Autism Community

Often it is difficult for people to connect with others who are experiencing a life similar to yours. I hope that through my blog entries, you can feel more connected and less isolated. Parents of children with special needs are often neglected with regards to self care. We forget to take care of ourselves. I believe that when we share our experiences with another person whose life is similar, hope spreads. In my experience, if I am not connecting, I fall apart. For me, it is an absolute necessity to connect with others. I need to know that others feel the way I feel. Otherwise, I feel isolated and become depressed.

special needs

My Hands Aren’t Full, My Heart Is

Being a stay at home mom when the boys were babies was probably the most exciting and exhausting time in my life. I had 3 scrumptious baby boys under the age of 4 1/2. I was delighted. I was sleep deprived. I was in love times 3. My sons were so adorable that I wanted… Continue reading My Hands Aren’t Full, My Heart Is

special needs

Autism, Allergies & Celiac Disease

Three years ago, my youngest son nearly died from ingesting peanut butter at school. None of us knew he had any food allergies. I'm grateful it happened at school because the nurse had an epi-pen and she saved his life. Days after this trauma, we brought him to an Allergist and we discovered he had… Continue reading Autism, Allergies & Celiac Disease