My Love Was In The Stars

4946. That is the number of pictures currently on my iPhone. Most are of my sons. I take pictures of them and my husband in front of me when we venture out into the world. I prefer to walk behind so I can snap pictures . My husband leads while our sons weave walking patterns as they follow. They are like shooting stars dancing in his wake. It is a dance they know with out rehearsing. They sparkle and shine , and I wonder how I got so lucky. 

Washington, DC
Walking to a wedding rehearsal

When I was a little girl I played “house” for hours at a time. I knew I wanted a family when I grew up. I longed to be a mother. I had a little nook in my bedroom that was set up with pretend appliances needed to run a household. A sink, washing machine, laundry board and the high chair and bassinet for the baby.

I had so much love in my heart for a family that did not yet exist on earth. 

Freedom Tower, NYC

After each son was born, I could not wait to see their faces. The doctor laid the baby on my chest, and my eyes went directly to his. In that moment, my heart reminded me that I already knew him. It was my husbands and my love for each other that brought each one back to us.

Washington DC

They had been waiting in the stars where we all had first sparkled together.

The Beachcomber, Cape Cod